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Event Blogging Trick: Make 500$ Per Day From Event Blogging Without Ranking Your Website

Event Blogging Trick: Make 500$ Per Day From Event Blogging Without Ranking Your Website

Make money online quick and easy

Ranking your website in googles first or second page can be quite difficult sometimes, now days with authority sites taking interest in event blogging makes it even more difficult for you rank and make couple of bucks. Now to solve your problem here i have come up with a detailed guide about how you can make money from event blog without ranking your website.

What Is Event Blogging

Event blogs are a type of website which is targeted for particular events. The blogs are targeted for maybe a day or a week or even a month. Event Blogging is one of the most efficient ways to make a huge income in a short span of time.

How To Event Blog

Well in event Blogging, you pick a Website with domain name related to your event and then you write some awesome Articles. You do SEO and you wait for Google to rank your posts. 

Now the competition is really high and there are lots of pro blogger who are also targeting the same event as you are, So chances of you not even ranking in the top 1000 pages of Google is quite high. 

Now to give a solution to your problem here's a detailed guide about how you can earn from event blogging without even ranking your domain. Now that we are done with the basics let's get right into the guide.

When To Plan/Start Your Preparations

It is always convenient to start your blog 1 or 2 months before the event but I have seen a lot of people earning hundreds of dollars with week-old blogs by doing the same trick. But its always a safe and good idea to prepare and ready your website a couple of weeks before the particular event.

What Are We Going To Do

There's not much to work compared to traditional event blogging. You don't need to write any articles you don't need to do any kind of SEO.

In this trick, we will use Whatsapp, Telegram and Facebook groups to promote our content. Now that I have mentioned "content" let me tell you what your content is gonna be. 

All you need to do is create a Website and install a script that I will provide you, and that's basically it. 
You may have started doubting my method and maybe you are thinking it's just a scam. Well, it is not and i have seen people make hundreds of dollars using this very same method.

How To Earn From Event Blogging Without Ranking Your Website

  • First, you will need hosting, where your blog will be hosted. For hosting my recommendation would be blogger though you can also choose WordPress to host your domain. Now since I have recommended you, blogger, I need to justify my recommendation, The reason why you should go with blogger is that it's free(obviously) and it can handle lots of traffic really well. 
  • When I say lots of traffic since your blog will be targeted for a particular event, therefore, you will have lots of people visiting your website at the same time and trust me if you buy any cheap hosting your website will crash minutes after people start visiting your blog. So, is the way to go.

  • Now that you have your hosting you need a custom domain, of course, you get a subdomain with and you can stick with it but the subdomains are really long and they look unattractive, So for the domain you can buy one from ,They are really cheap, You can get one for 99 Rs. Only. 
  • But if you are like me and you don't wanna spend a single dime than you can always go with domains they are absolutely free. Now while choosing a domain name make sure you choose your domain name related to your event. For example, if your blog is about independence day wishes then your domain should look something like this: or .com

How To Connect Your Domain To Your Blogger Account

If you don't know how to connect your dotTK domain to your blogger account click the below link.

  • Now That You have your domain and hosting its time to install your script. Installing script may sound fancy but trust me it is nothing like it sounds. All you need to do is download your desired script and open it on Notepad ++ or if you are using a mobile phone you can download HTML Editor App from Google Play Store.
  • Now its time to download your script. 
You can download event scripts from the link below.

Link #


How To Install Script On Your Blogger Account

  • To install your script on the domain all you need to do ks download the script for your particular event, I have linked some of the popular scripts in the link above. For example, if you are going to create a blog on Independence day wishes then just download the independence day script from the link above.
  • Now open it on Notedpad++ and if you are on mobile open it using HTML editor and copy the whole code. Now that you have copied the whole code just log in to your account   
  • Go To Themes.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • Click on " Revert To Classic Themes" After clicking on that you will see two options click on "Revert To Classic Themes' again.
  • Now you will see some HTML codes just delete them completely and post the code that you copied earlier.
  • Now click on Save And then click on Upgrade Theme. And you are good to go.


  • Since your site is up and running its time to put some ad and start earning. For ad, I would recommend you to use AdSense but let's be real guys approving an AdSense is not an easy task for a newbie,
  • You can use an AdSense account and place the ad code inside the code or if you don't have an AdSense account you can go with

How To Place Ad In Your Site With AdSense

To place an ad in your site with Google AdSense you will have to copy the ad code and google analytics code and just replace it with the text in the script which says "Adsense"

How To Setup Your Propllerads Account

Go to propellerads by clicking on the above link.

Click on 'sign up' and fill out your details.

Complete the formalities as directed by propllerads website.

If you don't know how to verify your site click here.

After successfully verifying your site follow the steps below.

  • Click on "Sites"
  • And then click on " Zones"
  • Now click on "Create Zone"
  • And select the type of ad you want to put in your site.
  • I would recommend you selecting Native Banner Ad and Interstitial Ads.
  • Now I know popunder ads can generate you more revenue but they really ruin the user experience and since this is a festival wishing site user experience matters.

easy way of making money in 2019

How To Drive Traffic To Your Site

Now that you have hosted your domain, installed your script and placed your ads, the only thing left is traffic. At the beginning of the post, I promised you that I will tell you how you can get traffic to your blog without ranking. I have provided three major platforms where you can get your traffic from, feel free to improvise and use different social media platforms wisely.

Using Whatsapp To Get Traffic To Your Website

Now all you need to do is create a Whatsapp account using GB WhatsApp and make sure that you create your account without using your real phone number you can do that by downloading  Textnow plus app from google play store. Use that number to create your WhatsApp account. 

The reason why I told you not to use your real phone number is because people will start spamming you if you use your real number. If you are still confused about how to create WhatsApp account without your real phone number you can refer to this link below.

Click Here

After creating your account join as much Whatsapp group you can. You can do so by simply googling ''WhatsApp group links". 
To be more precise about the number of groups you need to join, The minimum is 600 to 1000. I know that's a lot of work but it is still better than doing SEO for months and not getting results. Now use GB WhatsApp to create a bot for yourself. GB WhatsApp lets you send messages in a scheduled time and you also can set it up to send message every time someone sends a message in a group.

All you need to do is set up the custom message by clicking on the ''three dots" on the upper right corner.


To know more about how you can set up a bot, you refer to this link 

Link #

Using Telegram To Get Traffic To Your Website

Apply the same strategy you used for WhatsApp groups to drive traffic to your website. Here i i have summarised the above-mentioned steps

  1. Join 500 to 1000 Telegram groups. You can find these groups by simply typing 'Telegram Group Links' on the google search bar.
  2. Share your link to these groups

Using Facebook Groups To Drive Traffic To Your Website

This is a very common method and it's probably the easiest yet the trickiest one. Here are the steps you need to follow to drive traffic to your website from Facebook groups.

  1. Join 10 - 20 Facebook groups. Make sure that they have lots of members.
  2. Now don't start spamming your links in those groups, Facebook might give you a penalty for doing that. Instead, share your links on 2-3 groups daily.
  3. And just wait and watch as your traffic skyrockets.

Using Other Social Media Platforms To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Now here's a bonus tip. You can use other social media platforms like Hike, We chat Etc. And join their respective group and share your link there. Once your website goes viral every penny of your hard work will be worth it.

event blogging without ranking your website

Final words

Your site should now be online and ready to access. Since there are thousands of people doing the same thing as you are you will have to be a little different than them this is a tip that most of the blogger won't tell you. 

Let's just be real guys making money is not that easy, And to stand out in this competitive world you will have be unique. Most of the bloggers doing event blogging will fail miserably, But the question is, is it really a failure. My answer would be "NO", Just learn to accept failure. Repeat  it again with your own insight until you crack the code. Failure should be your glorious beginning, even I worked my ass off for one and a half years on almost 10 websites and earned nothing. So, be patient and Good luck.

Do You Know Any Other Tricks Related To Event Blogging? Feel Free To Share In The Comments.

Event Blogging Trick: Make 500$ Per Day From Event Blogging Without Ranking Your Website Event Blogging Trick: Make 500$ Per Day From Event Blogging Without Ranking Your Website Reviewed by Admin on April 15, 2019 Rating: 5

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